STOIC International: the LOGICAL choice for Export Assistance!

STOIC INTERNATIONAL is a private entity assisting companies in their growth towards a global market share. Using every available resource we prepare, train and assist our clients in the international marketplace.
Why trust your business, your dreams, your success to someone who does not have the experience?

STOIC International: the LOGICAL choice for YOU!

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Everyone knows there is business done everyday around the world. The world is a place that is getting smaller every day, in almost every way. As products move across the city, across the nation or across the globe we are closing the gaps in our world. Who can help you if you want to engage in this global commerce? The simple answer; you need a global commerce manager working for you to get your products or services around the world.What is a global commerce manager? It is a HIGHLY trained person of talent and skill who possess the necessary technical knowledge of the global marketplaces and the contacts to make deals happen.

If you have a need for a business product or service and do not know where to turn, what do you do? Give up? Go with the person who "thinks" they can help you? Not if you want to succeed in getting your needs fulfilled. You turn to a global commerce manager.    

"Success is not an accident; it is the result of diligent planning with knowledge, experience and deep rooted desire not to fail."

Some Of The Services We Can Offer

Using our vast resources we can get done what you need done. A small sampling of our services include-

  • freight forwarding
  • custom brokerage services
  • marketplace expansion
  • international marketing
  • commerce management
  • trade show representation
  • confidential representation
  • sub-market specialization
  • multi-lingual support
  • Stoic International is a proud support of these organizations -

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